About Tricycle & Motorcyle Policy

Creditstar Tricycle & Motorcyle Policy This policy pays compensation to the customer for accidental damage to bike/keke.

It also pays compensation for death of the rider or medical expenses due to Road Traffic Accident

At Creditstar Micro Insurance Company, we offer a choice of Micro products designed to protect the interest of our customers from uncertainty. Our comprehensive packaged policy for motorcycle and tricycle is a standard rate of 5% all benefit inclusive.

There are basically 2 types of motorcycle/ tricycle insurance coverage available.

1. Third-Party Insurance

2. Comprehensive Insurance

Third-Party Insurance: This type of insurance is also termed as liability insurance. It covers the policyholder against legal liabilities arising out of bodily injury/death or property damage done to a third party (accidental) involving the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance: This type of insurance is also termed as package policy. It covers third-party liability as well as damage caused to the insured vehicle, and death/disability of the owner/driver due to an accident.

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