Our Products

At Creditstar we have designed and developed a set of innovative products to protect the low-income people and businesses against impacts of financial losses. We offer Life and Non-Life products that guarantee insurance protection to individual, families and businesses, including those that create and encourage savings and investment culture. They are:


This cover is designed to pay off borrowers/customers’ outstanding loans, as a result of death or permanent disablement of the customer.


CreditStar Accident Plan compensates victims of accident who may die, become permanently disabled or incur medical expenses due to accident.

Accident is the unintentional and unexpected occurrences which may result in death, bodily injury or damage to goods or property. Cover provided under this policy includes: road accident, industrial and occupational accidents, accidents at work, home, school, hotel, farm etc.


This policy pays compensation to the customer for accidental damage to bike/keke.

It also pays compensation for death of the rider or medical expenses due to Road Traffic Accident.


School Children Insurance Scheme provides compensation to the School Authority against death, permanently
disabled or bodily injury suffered by any pupil or student caused by accident while at school.


pays compensation to Drivers or their beneficiaries in the event of road traffic related accident which may result in: loss of life, permanent disability or bodily injury.

Compensation is made in form of lump sum payment, payment for hospital bills or settlement of medical bills occasioned by such accident.

Compensation can be paid to the Company for onward payment to their Drivers if they are the insured.

Esusu Plus Life Cover (BETA-LIFE)

Creditstar Microinsurance offers a unique product called Beta Life which provides you with flexible savings and a life insurance cover benefit.

This means that in the event of life assured demise during savings period, we will pay you or your family the balance of your investment account.

This plan secures the financial well-being of loved ones or dependents in eventually of death at any time.