About us

CRDEITSTAR MICROINSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated in 19th July, 2019 with RC 1596638 and licensed on 25th August 2021 with the NAICOM registration number 005, to design, market and sell microinsurance products and services that are simple and affordable to low and medium-income households, individuals and business enterprises, including schools, hotels, among others, in Lagos State.

Our activities are not just a scaled down version of regular or conventional Insurance operations, rather, our products, services and processes are completely tailored to meet the characteristics and preferences of low-income market. At CreditStar Microinsurance Company, we focus on the needs and circumstances of the low-income populations that have been ignored or excluded from financial services and Government Welfare Schemes.

Our Vision

To be one of Nigeria’s foremost composite micro-insurance company rendering customer-centric
and quality insurance solutions for low income individuals, their households and businesses.

Our Mission

To provide affordable micro-insurance products for low income people, their households and small businesses using efficient channels, smart technology, motivated workforce to reach the un-insured people thereby promoting financial inclusion while satisfying our customers, staff, shareholders and host community.
We offer Insurance protection at the finest form, Affordable and Accessible to all while maintaining: